Monday, October 21, 2013


This week wasn't super eventful, but we did have a couple cool experiences. Elta is still against Tatyana getting baptized, but we went over and visited with her last night and, through lots of testimony and scripture sharing, got her to talk to Tatyana about why she wants to be baptized. She also committed to sincerely pray about the Book of Mormon, which she hasn't done before even though she's been reading it for a while. There's a lot of potential for change there now, which is awesome! Good things are coming, I tell you!!!

A miracle that happened this week was a few days ago during our harvest time. Before we went out searching, we prayed to have an opportunity where somebody would have a spiritual experience upon seeing us. We went along our harvesting and weren't really having a lot of success. Then we got to one door, and the Spirit told me very plainly that I needed to knock on the door. We did, and a man opened, took one look at us, and invited us in. We talked a bit and found out that he used to be a member, but fell away from the church. We also found out that he was a missionary too, and when he saw us on his porch, he saw himself back when he was a missionary. That's why he let us in. The Spirit was so incredibly strong with him! We got down his information after giving him a blessing, then invited him to come to church with us on Sunday. I know that the Lord led us to him that day, and I'm so glad for the opportunity we had to be a part of that experience with him.

Louis (I don't know if I've talked about him before, but he's really cool) was committed to be baptized this week, but then the night before he called it off because he wants God to send him and angel and tell him everything's true before he'll be baptized...we've got a lot of explaining to do. Or maybe he'll just have a dream where an angel appears to him. It's been known to happen with a surprisingly large amount of haitians. We shall see.
Marie got sick, so she was at the hospital on Sunday, so she and Jennifer couldn't get baptized yesterday, but they're still set for this week, so that's good. I'll let you know how that all happens.

Well, that's about it people wise. Now for some fun:)
First of all, we were walking back to the car on Tuesday night, and I suddenly got the desire to run, so for some reason I just started running, and Elder Van Wagenen started at the exact same time. We passed a bush, and I heard this weird grunting noise, so I looked back and there was some creepy old guy with a knife in one hand and a beer in his other hand just staring at me. So yeah, people here are insane...but we're definitely being protected out here.

Also, I had the...interesting opportunity to be fed by a Haitian again, only this time it was a super poor Haitian. We got fed goat feet (which has no meat, only stringy fat that tastes like the devil) and some part of a pig. She said what it was in Haitian, and I didn't understand what body part she said, so I asked Elder Van Wagenen and he just laughed. Maybe it's better not to know...but it definitely didn't taste the best. I'm surprised I haven't gotten sick yet. Most food we're fed here is crawling with bugs and has flies in it. True story. Blessing your food really does work.

Finally, I went on exchanges this week for a day with our district leader's companion. He's English speaking, but they find most of their success with super ghetto people, so that's where we were. Oh the ghettos, what a terrifying place. Here's my journal entry for that day, because I think it sums it up brilliantly. "Went to an English area with Elder Taylor. Biked 23 miles. Black ghetto people are crazy. One asked if he could have my shoes. White people are stupid, they never let us in. Seriously white people, just accept the gospel and have eternal life. Some people. Heard 3 gun shots on our bike ride home. Can't feel my legs."

Well, I love you all. This work is still super cool, even if the food and drunk people sometimes aren't. Have the best week ever!!!

Love Elder Skidmore