Monday, October 7, 2013


Yes, tis true, I have officially been on my mission 2 months today. That seems super weird to me, because it feels like I've been gone forever. This week has been pretty great! And I haven't been attacked by one of the infamous poisonous spiders, so life is good!

So Tatyana was a big focus of ours this week. If you don't remember, she's the 14 year old whose mum was against her getting baptized, but then we found out it was a mis-communication. Well, on Monday night we found out that the mis-communication was a mis-communication, so we spent a lot of the week trying to set up appointments with her mum so that we could teach her as well and she'd be alright with letting us baptize her daughter as well. The problem is that she is never available, which is why we never taught her with Tatyana. This Sunday we didn't have any baptisms because of Conference, so we've got this whole week to meet with her and help her realize that is the true church and the right thing for her. Some people just need to trust teenage boys in suits. Seriously:)

Apart from Tatyana, we didn't really have any investigators that we focused a lot on this week. We've been trying to teach everybody an equal amount, but those that seem more receptive we generally go to a bit more. We did meet a couple of cool people though. For example, we met a haitian mother, Suzie, and her daughter, Stacey, one day while we were walking to an appointment. We offered to leave with them a blessing, and Suzie immediately lit up and invited us into her house. We left the blessing, and she was close to tears. Apparently she is a member already, but hasn't gone to church for a good 30 years. Her daughter has never been a member, but Suzie said that a few years ago, she remembers Stacey asking if she could be baptized because she thought it was the right thing to do. So our goal is to re-activate Suzie and baptize Stacey. Poor Stacey is super shy, though. I mean incredibly shy. The whole half hour we were in their house, she looked at the floor and only said three words. I feel really bad for her. Before we give the blessing, we ask if there is anything they want us to ask God for. She said that she wants help being less socially awkward because she wants to have friends in school. My heart broke into two thousand pieces. This poor girl has no idea how amazing she is and how much the Lord loves her and wants her to be happy. I had to hold back tears when I gave the blessing. I've always felt so bad for people who don't feel good about themselves, but this was something else entirely. I've never felt this badly for somebody before, and I've never had the sincerest desire to help somebody than I do with her. I know for a fact that, if we do have the opportunity to go back and teach them, which we should, the gospel will bless both of their lives immensely. 

Another cool experience we had was last night after conference. We were walking back from Tatyana's house after nobody answered the door. When I walked past one of the doors, though, I had the weirdest desire to just stop and knock. My companion must have felt it to because he turned around and walked right back to the door. We knocked, and two 15 and 16 year old boys answered. They're both haitain, though they speak English really well. We ended up leaving the standard blessing, and I could tell that it really touched them. I'm excited for these two. After the blessing, we asked them if they would prepare to be baptized in three weeks, and they both said yes! Then, the 15 year old eagerly asked when we would be coming back next, so we'll be visiting them tonight and giving them the first lesson. I'm super excited for them both! I hope that the parents will be available when we go over tonight though, because it's always hard to teach only part of a family and then have the rest of the family be against it later on. Sad times, really!

Well, those are a couple of my cool experiences of the week. I've also realized that every time I pray and sincerely ask for the Spirit, it comes immediately, and it's always so strong. Being a missionary is so cool!! I can't wait to have our first baptism, hopefully this weekend. I just want to change these people's lives and help them realize how amazing they all are! I know for a fact that Heavenly Father loves everyone we see unconditionally, and I know that He is watched over me and leading me to people that are prepared. Though I do get a little discouraged at times because I don't think I can do it or I don't feel worthy enough to be telling people to make all these changes in their lives, I just remember that it's not even me who is teaching, it's always the Spirit. 

I love you all so much. Thanks for your continual support. I'm sorry, I would write more hand-written letters, but it takes 6-7 days to get there, so I figured emailing takes the same amount of time and it's more convenient. I'll probably start writing soon though, because letters are always great! Well, have fun in the land of the cold:)

Lanmou anpil, Eldè Skidmore