Monday, November 25, 2013

In Sickness and in Health (Week 16)

What a weird, weird week. Let me tell you, the people over here in Flo-Rida are totes cray! It's fun, but I try to imagine you all here and it just doesn't go over well in my mind. The areas I'm working in daily are just so dirty and unsafe and crazy! I've been offered drugs numerous times! I also made the mistake of asking my companion why nobody ever swims in the community pools that we see everywhere. Yup, that's where people throw in their needles are they use them so they don't get caught. Insanity, my dear family. Insanity!

So, apparently there's somebody in our ward named Nancy. Who knew? Apparently not I. She's less active, so that's why I've never met her. We were invited with the English speaking Elders to her house for a pleasant lunch. Good thing she has four dogs who all haven't been bathed since birth and like to jump onto the table and roll around in the food. We also had some hamburgers which looked perfectly fine, but after a couple of bites, I looked down and it was completely red inside. I kid thee not, my children. Never before have I prayed harder for a blessing on the food. But I'm still alive, so it worked! I felt like Nephi when the Lord made raw meat seem sweet unto him. Well, not really because it tasted disgusting, but you get the idea. After the dinner, Nancy proceeded to tell us the story of how she'd seen Jesus and He'd told her that she was going to be the next prophet. There were some other quite blasphemous things that she said, but she's pretty old and definitely not sane in any shape or form. Still, I had no idea what to say during this event, so I focused on praying that the raw, dirty-dog infested hamburgers wouldn't kill me. Haha, eating with members just hasn't been my forte here.

Elder Van Wagenen, my crazy little companion, was sick on Friday, so we ended up staying at home for most of the day. It was actually pretty nice, because we'd just gotten our conference editions of the Ensign, so I just read in that. I've never appreciated just how amazing conference really is. The words of the prophets and apostles apply to each of us so well, it's incredible! Good times, good times!

Speaking of sicknesses, I've given about 2 billion priesthood blessings this week. Well, not really, it was about 5, but still. I've definitely grown to appreciate the power of the priesthood more, though. I love giving blessings now! The opportunity to be a mouthpiece for God in those moments is incredible, and the spirit that is always felt during and after is so cool. Never be afraid to ask for a Priesthood blessing, because it's just as much a blessing for the person giving it as it is for you!

So Marie Andre has dropped off the face of the Earth. We went over to her house every day this week and called her every night, but her husband always answers and says that she's not there. She is there, because she doesn't go anywhere ever, and one of the times we even saw her, but there's not a lot we can do. When we try to see if we can talk to her husband, he always says he can't and then slams the door. Not fun. I don't know what we're going to do there besides just trust in the Lord and pray for her a lot! On a more positive note, we were teaching Louis again this week (the guy who wanted to see an angel before he was baptized) and he's now very aware that he won't see an angel to get his testimony. He also committed to be baptized either on December 1st or 8th. Though it's not the most solid of commitments, this is the most progress we've ever made with him. And the thing is, he loves coming to church, and he's basically already a member, just without the baptism and Holy Ghost part. He's just got a few trials he's going through right now and he doesn't want to change his whole life around at once. Poor guy.

Well, that's my week. And now it's Thanksgiving week! Good times, really! Hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving! Don't miss me too much:) I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful for your examples and support that you've shown and continue to show me. Have an amazing week!! 
Also, I can skype on Christmas!!! I don't know if I'll be in the same area yet because transfers are the week before, so I can't really set up a place I'll be, and therefore a time, but I'll let you know as soon as I can. LOVE YOU ALL MORE THAN FUDGE!!!

Lanmou, Eldè Skidmore