Monday, March 17, 2014

Umm...(Week 32)

So here's the thing. I have like five minutes left because we have a meal appointment with a Haitian member really soon. So pray that I don't get food poisoning because from what I've heard, she's one of "those" Haitians who is totally fine just throwing fat and bugs together in her food. Oh gosh.

This week was really good. We found so many committal people, and we were able to get seven investigators at sacrament, which is incredible! So be expecting six baptisms this coming Sunday (one of the seven was some crazy guy that was just asking for money the whole time, but I guess there's still hope with him too:)) Rose is doing really well. She came to church again yesterday, but didn't feel ready for baptism, and we dont' want to push her too much because she can get a little emotional. I feel like this is her week though, so I'm excited! We also have an investigator from Barbados called Leonard. He's super cool!!! And he has a really fun accent. We went over to his house on Saturday to teach him, and he was really sick and said he wouldn't be able to be at church, so we taught about fasting and fasted with him until Sunday morning. And he came to church!!! Now he's preparing for baptism this Sunday!!! I'm so excited. The work truly is progressing, and the Lord is blessing us for our hard work. This work isn't easy at all, and there are still loads of discouraging days, but then there are days when blessings are brought in abundance and miracles are performed, and it's just so amazing.

Other than that, not a lot happened this week. I saw an alligator, which was pretty cool. Didn't have my camera on me next time:) Didn't get hit by a truck or bike into a bar, so that's good. haha, I love you all so much. Have a great week!

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