Monday, August 19, 2013


Bonjou, mwen fanmi! Miss me yet? I thought so. 

Well, this place is still absolutely insane, but I really like it now. The language is super fun now that I can hold full conversations with people. Lessons are still a bit tough without notes, though. And since we teach lessons to investigators everyday, it's a challenge, but it's helping a lot and I know it's for my benefit. We got our first investigator to commit to baptism, though I'm sure he was just being easy with us because we're so new. But now we have two new investigators, so we teach one every day, and the other on the other day. Our teachers are really good at preparing us to answer questions, though, which is a HUGE part of the lessons.

I'm trying to think if anything cool or exciting happened this week, but nothing's really coming to mind. Well, except I spent a few hours in the hospital the other day. Apparently I have some sort of minor brain tumor that needs to be removed or something like that. Just kidding! But I did go to the hospital. Konpanyon mwen (my companion) Elder Mullins, said his ankle really hurt, and they put us in a van and took us straight to the hospital. Talk about over-dramatic. Anyway, we waited in the doctor's office for a while, and it was super weird because a tv was playing, and I was trying hard to just block it out completely. There were magazines everywhere too, and I haven't read anything none spiritual for a while, so I was a little tempted, but alas, my better side took over and I didn't. When the doctor finally took us into a room, he examined Elder mullin's ankle and said that there was nothing really wrong with it. He said that it was probably just because Elder Mullins needs to stretch more before, that's my exciting story. At least I got to be in a car again. It feels like forever since I was in one, and I wasn't sure if they had changed the way cars operated yet or not. They haven't.

Other than that, everything else here is very according to plan. On Tuesday, Elder Richard G. Scott came and talked to us about the vital importance of prayer, which was very inspiring. He also gave us all an apostolic blessing that we would have the gift of tongues if we do all we can and faithfully pray to the Lord #imgoingto. That's about it, for this week at least. I love all of you, though, and miss you loads. Thanks so much for the letters and packages, especially the photo book. Probably the best thing you could have sent me. I've only read it through about fifty times, nbd. Feel free to send pictures, especially the family ones we took before I left and the ones that were on Hannah's camera on my farewell talk day. Let me know if anything totes cray happens, and I'll do my best to keep you all updated on everything here. But for now, know that I am happy, learning a lot, and feel the spirit a ridiculously large amount.

Orevwa, fanmi mwen. Mwen renmen nou anpil!

Elde Skidmore