Monday, September 9, 2013


Bonjou, mwen petit timoun. Sak passe?! 

Hope you're all doing alright in the good old real world. Do people still smile in the outside world? I miss the smiles.

Just kidding, I'm still loving it here! The foods getting a bit old though, and I force myself to run 3 miles every day during gym so I don't get fat. Other than that, though, it's been a great week. Oh, we went back to the hospital though, and my companions on crutches and all that jazz, so we're a bit slow getting places...but hey, we're trying!

We've taught our two investigators every day last week, one each day. I feel like I'm really getting this language down, and I started using less and less notes. On Thursday, we had our first TRC (I'm pretty sure it stands for Training Resource Center). Basically, you go into this tiny room with 3 chairs, two for your companionship and one for an investigator. The investigators don't act as other people though, like our teachers have been acting as our investigators. They act as themselves, which was a little daunting because we weren't helping a "fake" person. We had about 30 minutes in the room with the investigator, and in that time we had to introduce ourselves, find out if the person was investigating the church, inactive, already a member, etc. and then teaching according to their needs. I decided not to take any notes in, probably because I'm going insane, so I was a little worried about how it was all going to happen. When we walked into the room and saw a Haitian woman sitting there, I got super worried because the Haitian people talk really fast, and I knew she'd point out all of my mistakes. We started out alright and found out that she was already a member and wanted to learn more about prayer. Luckily, a scripture popped into my head, so I had her read it to us. While I watched her read this scripture, I had an overwhelming feeling of love towards her,and all I wanted to do was help her feel as happy as possible. I almost got up and gave her a hug. Then we taught what I thought was a really fast lesson on the importance of prayer and how you can receive answers through the Holy Ghost. I swear it had only been five minutes, but then our teacher came into the room and told us we had gone over time, so we quickly finished the lesson and left. The investigator (her name is Rose) then wrote down how we did and such on a piece of paper. I felt like our Haitian during the lesson wasn't that good, so I wasn't expecting to get the results that we did. On the paper, she wrote that she felt an overwhelming feeling of love and the Spirit, and that because of the lesson, she was going to spend more time and focus on prayer everyday. It really was the best feeling ever reading that paper, and it got me super excited for teaching the Haitians in Florida! Can't wait for TRC next week!

Other than this experience and the hospital, this week has been fairly average. We were taught a few great lessons by Brother Nelson, other Brother Nelson, and Brother Hall. We also got both of our 'investigators' to come to church with us yesterday (even though they weren't physically there with us). Even though there are times when this language seems very overwhelming, I know that I can learn it with the help of the Spirit, and I can't wait until I'm fluent enough to talk to Haitians about anything, because right now I honestly want nothing more than to be able to help every Haitian person (and other people too) come unto Christ! 

Tomorrow, we're having another devotional, and since it's being broadcast to all the MTC's, that means that it's probably going to be another great speaker like Elder Richard G. Scott. I can't wait! 

Well, thank you all for your continual love and support! And thanks for the pictures and food:) I'll do my best to keep you all updated! I know I've already said this, but if anyone happens to come across a ducky tie from How I Met Your Mother, feel free to send it my way. You would be my hero forever!

Love you all so much! Thanks for being great examples for me and helping me get to this point in my life!

Love, Elder Skidmore

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