Monday, September 16, 2013


Well what would you know, we're already at the last week here, which is crazy. The rest of my district besides the five going to Fort Lauderdale left this morning at 3 am, so it's been a weird, quiet day and we're all pretty tired. Everyone was super excited to go though, and we had a great testimony meeting and devotional at the temple on Sunday. I'm going to miss them all so much, and it's weird that I've gotten so close to them, but I know that they're needed on their missions.

So another Elder ended up going home for emotional reasons, so I got paired with his companion, Elder Coulson. He's leaving early tomorrow morning though, so then I'll be back in my threesome. It's definitely been a weird stay here, companion wise, but I like Elder Coulson, so it hasn't been bad.

We've had a lot of culture/mission story lessons this week from the teachers, since everyone either left this morning or will leave tomorrow morning. I've learned a lot about the people of Haiti though, and I'm even more excited to go out and serve. A couple of the Elders, including Elder Mourigan, seemed super nervous to leave this morning, but I honestly don't feel worried. At least not yet, I guess I have another week. I've talked a lot with Elder Mourigan  this week, and I feel like we're really good friends. We talked for about three hours on Friday because he's been going through a hard time and wanted to talk to somebody about it. Anyway, we got super close, but he's gone now, and it's pretty sad. I just need to remember that we're all serving the Lord, so it shouldn't really be a sad thing.
Yesterday, we had a really cool last district meeting outside the temple where everyone bore their testimonies. It was so cool, and the spirit was amazingly strong. That night, we all got together, had some martinellis, did some Haitian dances that we were taught, and just kind of partied (as much as you can party in the MTC). This morning we all woke up at 3 to see the people going to Tampa and New York off, and it was super sad. The four going to Boston are leaving tomorrow morning at 4, so we'll be waking up early tomorrow morning too to say goodbye to them. The new Haitian speakers come in on Wednesday though, so we won't be alone for long. 
Spiritual experiences of the week: Obviously the testimony meeting and final goodbyes. Our sunday night movie was by Elder Bednar on doctrines, which was really cool. Sort of confusing, but it really makes me want to learn more. I felt the spirit a lot when the teachers were talking about their missionary experiences. You could tell how much they really cared, and it made me really excited to go out in just 7 days. Trying to help Elder Mourigan really helped a lot too. The spirit was just so strong every time we talked, and I felt so much love towards him. The only thing I wanted to do was help him, and I hope I did. I feel like that's how I'll feel with the Haitians, which will make teaching them so much easier.

I feel like I'm learning a whole lot here again, which is good because I've only got a week. It's weird to think that I'll actually be in Florida really soon, but I really am excited!

Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write today because we're moving buildings for our classroom. I guess the gist of this week is that I am learning a lot, feeling the spirit an insane amount, memorizing a new language still, and can't wait to go serve. Love you all so much. I promise I'll write you all next week.

Lanmou anpil, Elder Skidmore