Monday, December 16, 2013

Crazy People + Good Haitian Food = Happy Elder (Week 19)

Hello, dearest crazy family of mine! I've been thinking about what crazy experiences to write about this week, but I honestly don't have any that are out of the ordinary (the Florida ordinary anyway). I'm sure one will come to mind as I write though, and if not, oh well

So I got your packages after the Christmas Conference! Very clever, I must say! I wasn't expected the 12 days of Christmas thing at all, but it definitely makes it much more fun! So thank you all for that! Also, thanks for the calendar! There are some pictures on their that I haven't seen before, which made me a little confused at first, especially when they were pictures of me... It also reminded me of the music video that I haven't seen. Are you guys planning on making any while I'm gone? You'd better!:)

So this week we've been working on finding new people, as well as trying to balance all of the crazy investigators that we already have. We found about 4 new families that we are now teaching, two of which came to church and accepted baptism for Christmas Day! White Christmas!!!! The only kind possible in Flo-Rida! And not in a racist way, I promise:) So I guess technically it's a Haitian-in-White Christmas!

We've still got a whole bunch of people who have blocks for taking the steps for baptism, but I've been praying and know that at least 5 of them are going to get baptized at some point, so I feel a lot better about it. It's hard when you feel real love for all the people you teach and they just don't take that step that will save their souls forever!!! A little dramatic, I know:) But still, I really just want them to be able to make that step! I don't care too much if it's with me or not, as long as I know that they do it!

Honestly, that really is about it this week. I've been humbled a lot, which is awesome! I've learned a lot about the fact that I'm awful at teaching and at speaking Creole, but the Holy Ghost can do both perfectly, so I need him there otherwise there's no point in having lessons. I really am nothing without the Spirit in my life, which I kind of new before, but didn't really act on in any way. I've just been learning so much out here, it's crazy! Crazy I tell you!!!

So transfers are tomorrow. Scary stuff. We got the transfer call last night right before bed letting us know who is going and who is staying. I'm.......................staying. And I'm super happy!!! To be honest, the only reason I didn't really want to transfer is because I didn't want to pack:) But I'm super excited for this transfer! It will be a little weird since I'll be the one who's supposed to know everything about the area and whoever my new companion is won't know anyone. So I'm a little worried, but it'll be great!! 

Well, that's about it for this week. Evony Pierre answered the door naked again...One of our investigators who had been living with her boyfriend kicked him about because he beats her a lot, which is sad, but good! Guerda and Guillermo decided they're going to adopt me, and they also want to take me to Luxembourg after my mission...yup. Oh, and Jack wants to go to Haiti with me too. So looks like I'm going to be having lots of trips when I get home. 

Alright, have a great pre-Christmas week! Don't freeze too much! It almost got down into the 60's this week. Almost. Haha, I do not envy you at all. I'm going to die when I get back though. 

Love you all! Thanks for the packages, letters, love, prayers, and support. You are the best family ever!  Also, for Skying next week, apparently I just call you guys right before and tell you what username I'll be using, and then we call each other. I don't really know any specifics yet, but I should by Monday, so I'll email it over. Love you all!!!

Your favorite, super-cool missionary, Elder Skidmore
(the nicer areas in Fort Lauderdale)
^^Sam and Jack^^

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