Monday, December 23, 2013

Joy to the World, the Baptism Is Come (Week 20)

Shup weirdo's!
Glad to hear you've had a good week. Sounds like Becky's birthday was nothing out of the ordinary.

This week has been super crazy and a little stressful, but in the best way ever! So I've got a new companion; his name's Elder Claude. He's kind of my favorite person ever! Haha, I really do love him so much. Sure, he's crazy, but who isn't out here. He's Haitian born but lived in New York all of his life, so he's a Haitian guy with a Brooklyn accent. Super random, but it's great. And he loves wearing these hats that makes his look like a Newsie. I added a picture of us at the ward Christmas party being shepherds and wise men.

I realized with this new companion that everyone really does do this work differently, and there's more than one good way to do it. Elder Claude's a lot more relaxed about it all, but we still get so much done, and the fruits of our labor are a lot more visible. 'Tis true.

So, I don't know if I've ever told you about Margarette, so I'll go through her story. Margarette Dorelus is the neighbor of a recent convert in our ward named Edline (who happens to be Louis' cousin). Anyway, Edline referred us to Margarette the very beginning of October. We'd taught her the Restoration and she loved it and looked really promising, but then she suddenly just dropped off the face of the Earth. She wouldn't answer the door or respond to our messages or anything. Then, a little over a week ago we met back up with her. Turns out that her friends had told her that if you are baptized into the "Mormon church", they tattoo 666 on your thigh...what the cheese?! But Edline finally set her straight, so she let us meet with her again. And now she's getting baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been yesterday like baptisms normally are here, but Bishop's pushing for a White Christmas, so she's being baptized on Wednesday evening! Oh heck yeah:) What a great Christmas present:)! White Haitian Christmas all the way!

Anyway, that's Margarette and her story. Loads of other miracles happened this week too. Louis, who's been investigating the church for an eternity, said that he's feeling like this Sunday is the day that he should be baptized. It's not for sure yet, but this is the most progress he's ever made baptism wise, which is super exciting. 

Oh, I almost forgot!!! Tatyana came to church again yesterday and...she brought her dad with her! Her dad lives in Georgia, but is visiting for a couple of weeks. Apparently Tatyana has been calling him and telling him how cool our church is, so he wanted to check it out with her. So, naturally, after sacrament meeting we just asked him if he wanted to be baptized next Sunday. And he said YES! And if we get him baptized, maybe Elta (Tatyana's mum) will finally give Tatyana the okay to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! So much good stuff going on in the Coconut Creek ward!!!

So yes, that's my great week! I'm so excited for Wednesday it's insane. First baptism!!! And I'm with the greatest companion ever, and it's almost Christmas! Christmas is definitely not the same at all over here, but I actually like it a lot more. I've really focused on the true meaning of Christmas and all that fun shtuff, and it really has made me so grateful for the Savior, as well as for all of the things that I've been blessed with.

Crazy story wise, I don't really have many for this week. We left a harvest blessing with this super old guy who could barely stand straight, and right after the prayer he just jumped to his feet and was completely fine! We also had our ward Christmas Party on Saturday, which was super fun. We had to sing in church on Sunday though...oh man. It actually wasn't that bad considering we only sang through it once before sacrament meeting. But of course President Anderson shows up right before we start singing. Typical! Still, it was fun. I love this ward!!! There are so many great members!

So for skyping, I'll be at the bishop's house, and we should be doing it between 12 and 1 here-time, so 10 and 11 am your time. Does that work? I don't know why I'm asking because I won't be able to read the response until next week, but I thought I'd be polite:) I'll call right before to get your username and tell you mine, and then we'll skype our little hearts out and it will be great. If you read this email within the next 30 minutes and have something you want me to bring with me or something like that to show you, let me know.

I love you all so much! Can't wait to see you in two days! But until then, have a great Christmas eve and Christmas eve eve. Love you all! Stay safe, and don't freeze:)

Elder Skidmore

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