Monday, December 30, 2013

The Whitest of Christmas' (Week 21)

Sak Pase!
What's up, my little minions. Did you know that darling really means little minion. I didn't, but I'm tempted to use it a lot more now. Well, probably not because Ruth told me not to be a #fruitcake.

This week was super crazy! Christmas was great. I loved seeing you all again! You're all exactly the same! Shuper duper funny little minions that you are. The snow didn't look fun at all though. I'm fine being in 85 degree weather, even if Santa has to wear swim trunks over here and his reindeer turn into alligators. Haha, some people's Christmas decorations:)

Christmas Eve we were at some of our investigators house, and I made the mistake of asking one of the six year old girls what she wanted to get for Christmas. She said that Santa doesn't make it to her house because he always runs out of time going to everyone else's house. Heart=broken. Maybe I cried a little that night. It's just super sad that people here go without, and then there are people who get upset if they don't get the bike that they wanted and they're just stuck with food and new clothes and games and such. Some people. Reminded me of India a lot. But it makes me want to do a lot more to help and serve people, especially when I get back since I kind of do that 24/7 right now. Haiti here we come!

This was a really special Christmas for me though. It was really nice to not have to worry about presents in any way. I was able to focus completely on the Savior, and because of that I felt the spirit a lot more, and I also saw quite a few miracles with my crazy Haitian (Elder Claude).

So, remember how Margarette was supposed to be baptized on Christmas day...yeah, didn't happen. Here's what did happen. She got called into work Christmas morning, so that was kind of a bummer. We tried to meet with her the rest of the week to set up another day, but that didn't really work out either. Super duper sad, right.

WRONG! She called us Saturday morning and was like, "Alo Eldè yo, eskè nou ap toujou batize'm, paske m'ap tann ou pou pase e ann mwen konnen." What the heck Margarette! For those of you who don't speak Creole yet, she said "Hey Elders, are you still going to baptize me, because I've been waiting for you to come by and let me know." So we hopped on our bikes, rode 12 miles to her house, got her interviewed, and baptized her the next morning! True story!!! And Margarette's best friend whom we had met two weeks ago got baptized with her!! That's right folks, two souls were saved yesterday morning!!!!!!!!

Oh man, it was such a miracle week for us. Lots of hard work, and it all paid off. Deborah, Margarette's friend, was totally ready to be baptized the whole time, but had to come to church twice before she could be baptized. After her baptism, her 16 year old son told us he wants to be baptized next week. And one of the families who we've been working with came to the baptism and stayed for church after, and the kids want to be baptized next week too. The parents were just like, "sure, go for it!" We will, parents. We will!

All in all, it was an amazing week. I felt the spirit a lot, and I was able to baptize Deborah! We had a member baptize Margarette (who's a big woman), and it was his first time doing it. Poor guy had to baptize her three times. Oh man. It all turned out great though. I was just so happy!!!! Oh man, I love this mission thing:) And I love you all. Have a great New Years and try not to get too merry (because merry=drinking and drinking=sinning and sinning=not a good thing!) True story. Love you all. Keep me in your prayers this week though. Apparently Floridians get pretty rowdy around new years with all the drinking and drugs and crime and whatnot. Good thing Haitian independence day is on Wednesday though! Gonna have me some soup jemou (pumpkin soup). Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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