Monday, January 6, 2014

Coconut Creek Weekly (Week #22)

Hello there, you cheeky little monkeys. What a crazy week it has been. Let me tell you, life as a missionary is always up and down. Never know what's going to happen next. It makes it fun though, so I'm happy!

This week we were working a lot with new investigators that we've gotten. One of them is the Louis family. I think I actually sent a picture of the girl and mum at sacrament last week. They just kind of showed up, and we were like "Heck yeah", and now we've taught them everything and are waiting for them to be baptized this coming Sunday! The boys are more into it than the parents are, but they're all slowly making progress. I'm trying not to pressure or push people too much, because that can just scare them off, but at the same time, they all need to be baptized, and the sooner the better! Oh man:)

So New Years was interesting. New Years Eve was just a normal day, except that we had to go back to the apartment an hour earlier. The next day was like the zombie apocalypse. There were so many people just walking around the streets like they were dying or dead. Lots of people jumping behind bushes to throw up. Lots of people just laid on the grass totally zoned, or yelling not super pleasant things at random walls. Yeah, it was a weird day, but it's all back to normal now. Let it be known that I will never be participating in anything like that ever!:)

This Friday I went on another exchange with Elder Taylor in his area. When I got there, he showed me the schedule for the day and there were 14 appointments that we had set. I was all like, "Oh kèt, gade sa!" Especially since we had to bike to all the appointments and they were spread out pretty far. By the end of the day, we had biked well over 20 miles, and every single appointment had fallen through. We were able to give cards and talk to everybody that we biked past though. I found myself very grateful at the end of the day that I'm able to be teaching the Haitian people, because they're always at home, and though they don't always want to talk, they usually will anyway. I can see why everyone says that the English speaking missionaries here have it harder. It's so true, and I'm incredibly blessed to be a Haitian Creole missionary.

So this weekend was pretty much the best ever! I don't know if you guys remember Louis Laguerre's story, so I'll just tell it all here. We met him my very first week out here in Florida, so 15 weeks ago. He is the boyfriend of a recent convert named Edline (who also referred us to Margarette and Deborah who were baptized last week). We've been teaching Louis the past 15 weeks, and he's come to church every single week. The problem he had was that he wanted to see an angel to receive his witness before he was baptized. Then, this week we had a powerful lesson with him about faith, and he finally committed to be baptized this week! And he was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heck yeah, my children. Let it be known that I was the happiest I think I've ever been when I watched him get baptized. 

We have another investigator who was supposed to be baptized this week named Hobin Henry. He's Deborah's son. So he was all set and interviewed to be baptized yesterday, but when he showed up to the baptismal service before church, he told us that he wasn't ready and didn't want to do it yet. We talked with him, but he was set on waiting another month or two. I was a pretty sad to be honest, but watching Louis just made it all so much better for me. The spirit was incredible during the service. Hobin came up to us after, so I asked him how he felt, and he just looked at me for a second and then said "I'm ready to be baptized." So we quickly stopped draining the font and pushed him under the water. Well, okay, maybe not pushed, but we baptized him properly:) It was so incredible!! I was super humbled because with both Louis and Hobin, the Spirit touched them so much that they were ready to make that step, even though they had both been apprehensive. The Spirit is the best teacher out there, and our job as missionaries is just to invite it and help investigators to recognize it. I'm so grateful for these two amazing miracles that happened yesterday morning. So now Deborah AND her son Hobin are baptized. And Louis and Edline are looking towards temple marriage now!!!!!!!!!! Holy chicken, my fellow Skidmore/Wilkinson/Balderson/Cliffords! Missionary work is incredible!!!

Well I love you all. Hope you had a great week too:) And hope you all made New Years Resolutions to send me pictures and ties and food and money and...okay, just kidding. Though if you could email pictures at any time, those would be greatly appreciated. I miss you all:)

Avèk anpil lanmou, e yon gwo embras, 
Eldè Skidmore

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