Monday, February 10, 2014

No Subject (Week 27)

I decided to start off each email with a quote from the week, just so you guys can understand what the ghetto people here are like.

"What da ring be fo? You two married or somethin'?"
"No man, it's a CTR ring. It means I'm married to Jesus!"
"Wha-! Jesus ain't gay!"

True story, he's not. And apparently Shandra knows that now too. Haha, Fort Lauderdale is a lot different that I had expected. We've been working in more ghetto areas a lot recently and it's been...interesting. The sister missionaries in our area were looking for a recent convert a couple of days ago, but suddenly felt like they had to leave right then. When they started driving away, a bunch of cop cars went shooting past them at stopped right at the house they were about to knock. They found out later on that a body was found there...yup, strange things afoot in Fort Lauderdale. But that's okay, it keeps things more fun, right:)

Elder Brockbank, my companion, is the district leader, so we go on two exchanges every week. I was in a spanish area and an english area this last week and it was super weird. The spanish area was basically just me sitting there all day not saying anything but "no hablo espanol". The English area was basically just me fearing for my life as we biked through streets with gang fights happening and with couples yelling at each other. Let's just say I'm very thankful to be working with Haitians. They're not nearly as crazy. 

We've been working with somebody called Mei this week. He just showed up randomly at church last week, so we went over to his house and he said he'd prepare to be baptized!! And he came to church again yesterday with his 6 year old son. His wife works on Sundays but she's trying to get that off, and they have family prayers together every night now! And they're going to a family home evening with some Haitian members in the ward, which is going to be awesome!! He's working towards being baptized this Saturday so his wife will be there. So pray for Mei!!

Interesting story time! So we were harvesting on Friday and came across this lady named Regina. She let us pray with her, and when we finished she was sobbing and said a definite yes to baptism and to church. We tried to follow up with her on Saturday but she wasn't come. We called her and sent her a message Sunday morning to remind her about church, but she didn't answer and didn't come. That night, we were over in that area, so we went and knocked on her door, but still no answer. That night she gave us a call and said that we need to stop calling and texting because she wasn't interested. It was a little weird, but it has happened before so we didn't think too much of it. But this morning we woke up and had another voicemail from her. It was her husband. I'll just quote it because it's more fun. "Y'all need to stop creepin' on my wife. Don't call, don't text, don't nothin'. If I ever see you knockin' on our door again, imma hurt ya...bad!" Yup. I guess it's hard to blame them because it might have seemed a little creepy, but still. Lighten up folks, we're just trying to save your souls!

Other than that fun experience, though, we've just been finding lots of super cool people. I feel really good about this area. It's different because we don't really have a lot of people to teach, so we're constantly needing to find new people to teach the next day, which we weren't very good at in Coconut Creek because we always had a ton of people. I kind of like this though because it's a lot more focused on each person. There's a lot of funny people here in the Fort Lauderdale ward. There's a guy that was pronounced dead, but woke up in the morgue a couple of days later and joined the church. Testimony meetings are always fun because it's just a bunch of skreet people that go up and talk about the crazy experiences they had that week, and then they say a scripture that they've read and go sit down. haha, it's just a very different place from Utah, at least where I'm working. 

Alright, that's about it from me. I love you all and hope you don't get eaten by bed bugs (because they are real and are really annoying). Love you!!!
Elder Skidmore

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I was reading a talk this morning by President Uchtdorf from the May 2013 ensign (I think) but it talked about the light of Christ being available to all at every point in our lives if we just do three things: 1. Start searching for it 2. Pray and ask for His light, and 3. Act on the promptings received. Or something like that. I don't know, its' written down in my study journal. But I just thought I'd share it because I've found recently that if you sincerely pray for joy and the spirit each morning, it will be there. But even if it is there, it will leave if you don't follow the promptings that you receive or if you're not focused on what you're supposed to be doing. 

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