Monday, February 3, 2014

Forward to the Fort (Week #26)

Hello strange family of mine;

So it was a very strange week, what with transfers and everything. Packing wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it was a little sad saying goodbye to my recent converts. I printed off the pictures of their baptisms and wrote little notes on the back for them, so hopefully they'll remember me until I get home and can call them again! And I got transferred to............................................Fort Lauderdale. I'm actually super excited! If I'm here next transfer then I might be able to help out with the open house, which will be awesome.
Yes, 'tis true, I'm in the most ghetto of ghettos. Haha, okay, not really, but this area we teach both Creole and English, so we be teaching over in the ghettos as well and it's super crazy. People selling drugs left and right. We were praying with an old Haitian mami and she was selling weed in the middle of the prayer. It's almost a completely different world over here, but I guess it keeps things exciting. We're even teaching a deaf man in broken sign-language and writing notes, and we're teaching a weird Indian family who always smell like curry and don't know who Jesus is...
We have a few people we're working with over here, but names are still a bit confusing for me, especially Haitian ones (since that's still mainly what we teach). But if you could remember Ashley, Jennifer, and Kensli in your prayers, that would be awesome. They're three friends and they're all basically Tatyana's in that they don't have parental permission to be baptized, but they really want to. And they're also from the hood, or skreet, if you will. Did I tell you black people here have their own language. It's pretty fun. I'm finna whack you upside da beans. Skraight up! Haha, I know, it's ridiculous but it's so funny.
We went swap shopping this morning. It was basically like being in India all over again. There just a bunch of booths set up with people trying to sell whatever random stuff they have. It was fun though, even if it did smell like 5-month old dead chicken brain.
Also, Florida drivers be cray cray. We were riding our bikes along the side walk on Thursday when suddenly I was hit with the force of a killer whale. After just laying on the ground for a couple of seconds, I looked over and realized I'd just been hit by a truck. Yup, a truck ladies and gentleman. And the guy just wound down his window, said sorry, then drove off. Hm, should be an interesting transfer.
I do find myself missing Coconut Creek a lot though. And my crazy little Haitian man. It's okay though because my new companion's also yon chèf! His name's Elder Brockbank. I think he's from riverton or something like that. I guess I could ask since he's sitting right next to me, but that would be too much effort. Yes, it was just confirmed. He is from Woodland Hills, but used to live in Riverton.
Well folks, that's about it. Just a crazy week of changes. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll gladly do my best to answer. Wuv you all! Keep being awesome people and shtuff! And have a great Valentine's Day (I don't know when it is, but I'm pretty sure it's sometime this week or next week). Love you!!!

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